Our company


SELECT is a company providing reliable and effective IT solutions. Our work is built on main pillars; these pillars include our passion for providing absolute quality and tangible maximum value that are based on innovation. Our persistence, sincere dedication and long experience are empowering SELECT’s vision to make a difference in the IT industry and adding value to our Clients.

SELECT considers every Client a success partner in building a brighter future, this drives our passion to collaborate with the multi national companies whom we are honored to serve.

SELECT is committed to excellence and continuously providing cutting – edge technology and distinct incomparable trainings, this has rewarded SELECT with the trust and satisfaction of its Clients and success partners.

SELECT believes in the great importance of measurable learning outcomes and academic standards, this has crafted the way SELECT uses to provide innovative services in compliance with the international academic standards.

In SELECT we believe in the concept of “WOW”, we provide ultimate distinct quality of trainings, exceptional technology services, excellent event organization and extreme support, this is summed up as a “WOW Services”.


Our vision is to become a member of the elite society of the IT service providers in the Middle East focusing on Quality not Quantity.


To make a significant positive change in the IT industry.
To provide high quality cutting edge solutions.
To satisfy our Clients with the best fitting solutions.
To Promote and implement the industry’s latest technologies.


SELECT offers Consulting Services, Development and/or Deployment Projects and Training Services, to help its Clients to streamline their Operation and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

We have more than 15 years of experience, working in the Telecom, Utilities, Public Sector, Real Estate, Transportation, and Smart Cities Services markets, with a specialized team what makes us the right choice for System Integration services for any CSP and other Telecom related Companies.


Our specialization and practical experience in the vertical markets which include Telecom, Utilities, Public Sector, Real Estate, Transportation, and Smart Cities Services, have increased our knowledge and understanding of our Clients’ motives and requirements, beyond the technology.

Because of our flexibility, size, maturity, experience and commitment to project goals and Client objectives, we know
“We are as good as our last project”


Since its foundation, SELECT has been in constant growth, in terms of revenue, Client base, and professionals team, of which consists some of the best OSS/BSS professionals in the Telecom Market.

SELECT is focused on giving a real value to its Clients, for this reason, our teams are organized in three Business Units (OSS & BSS, Network Applications, Solutions & Integration), each one with a stand-alone operations unit, and all of them are managed by a team with vast experience in the telecom market.