With an increased focus on business development and client relationships we are proud to have a value based portfolio of services selling deck. The portfolio is designed to provide both focus and flexibility.

It is divided into four logical families:

  1. Implementation Services provides our customers who have unique or specific solution requirements with traditional tailored implementations, and for customers where speed to value and lower Total Cost of Ownership is a primary driver we provide them with our Express Implementations.
  2. Expert Services provides our customers and their integrators product specific skills necessary to ensure successful implementation. These services are offered in both a packaged as well as staff augmented capacity to provide flexibility to our customers when they are engaging with Select.
  3. Lifecycle Management Services provides our customers with the capability they need to support their investment in our offered solutions through the duration of their systems productive use.
  4. Benefit Realization Services are designed to assist our customers in realizing their business benefits whether through optimizing their implementation and ensure full benefit from a suite of products or directly performing business operations on behalf of our customers organization.

Select Utilities Comprehensive Portfolio


We have pre-configured customer facing implementation packages for Electric, Water and now Gas.
We have centralized support of the packages into a single group supported by Regional and offshore   resources
We are standardizing the package contents:

Adding Pre-build interfaces to all packages
Adding data migrations tools
Extending test script scope across all packages
Adding pre-built project governance collateral to guide and reduce implementation effort

Express Implementation