Oracle’s RODOD

We provide end-to-end implementation services for Oracle Rapid Offer Design & Order Delivery Solution

Select approach to rapid offer design and order delivery focuses on providing a solution to fill the void in the current OSS/BSS environments while still remaining flexible and adaptive to the Communication Service Providers (CSP) current environment. Select Consulting provides the ability to manage orders throughout the entire order creation and order to activate life-cycle. By delivering a real-time communications capability between its CRM system (i.e. Oracle Siebel CRM), Order Management solution (i.e. Oracle Order and Service Management, OSM) and Master Data Management (i.e. Oracle Product Hub for Communications) products. Along with pre-integration and defined processes via its enterprise integration Application Integration Architecture (AIA), this Dynamic/Enterprise Order Management requirement is filled. It facilitates informed communication across applications and delivery silos.

The RODOD solution fulfils two main core functions:

Offer Design

• Design time integration between Siebel CRM, Product Hub for Communications, Oracle Order & Service Management, Oracle Billing Revenue Management (BRM) and Oracle’s ERP system eBusiness Suite (EBS).
• Provide end-to-end view required to create offers.
• Zero configuration offer introduction of new services being added to an existing family.

Order Delivery
• Enhanced service qualification across all channels for all order types.
• Sales orders decomposition and unique orchestration for any offer or bundle.
• On demand order status visibility for all channels across order life cycle, including jeopardy and fallout management.
• Orchestration of orders are automatically generated to handle order revisions and cancellations.

The RODOD solution is a comprehensive solution consisting of the following solution components: Siebel CRM, OSM, Product Hub for Communications, Unified Fulfillment Design Studio, and AIA for Communications.  BRM is a complementary product in this solution.

Each component of the RODOD architecture has a specific role as follows:

  • Oracle Siebel CRM provides a sales catalogue definition, multi-channel order capture and customer management, trouble ticketing and service management functions
  • Oracle Communications Order & Service Management (OSM) performs order mapping, decomposition, Technical Service Qualification (TSQ) during order capture and orchestration and central management of order changes, fallouts and status.
  • Oracle Product Hub for Communications defines the product, offers, price plans etc. across order capture, billing and order management functions. These can then be further enriched in the corresponding functional systems to which they have been published
  • Oracle Communications Unified Fulfillment Design Studio is used to configure (and re-use) fulfilment workflows, orchestration and decomposition rules and order management procedures
  • Oracle Applications Integration Architecture (AIA) provides productised and extensible integration between Oracle components for Offer Design and Order Delivery, as well as providing a framework to integrate non-Oracle components. To support the solution a number of productized pre-build SOA integrations, referred to as Process Integration Packs (PIPs), have been released
  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) provides revenue management capabilities for generating, capturing, collecting and analysing revenue for any service and customer type

The RODOD solution has for aim to address specific business objectives through key design principals.  These are: